How Long Should a Novella Be?

If you’re looking to write a novella, you should know what a typical novella length is. Novellas tend to be shorter than novels, but longer than short stories so it’s important to understand how many words a novella has if that’s the type of prose you intend to write. Understanding whether you’re writing a novella, … Read more

How Large Is the Average Person’s Vocabulary?

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Several studies over the years have tried to determine the average vocabulary size of adults and children. In 2013, The Economist published an article that estimated that adult native test-takers knew about 20,000 to 35,000 words and a native 8-year old will usually have an average vocabulary of 10,000. They also found that vocabulary size … Read more

How Long Are Short Stories?

While short stories can certainly be as long as 30,000 words, most short stories included these days in literary magazines tend to be 3,500 words. This allows magazines to include a lot of different short stories in their magazines. Online short stories tend to be even shorter at 1,000 words since many people online have shorter … Read more

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