Small Text Generator – ᶜᵒᵖʸ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵖᵃˢᵗᵉ

Small Text Generator

Just type or paste your text into the left side below and watch it transform into fancy text formats including small text, upside down text, bubble text, backwards text, and more!




What is Small Text?

Small text, also known as tiny text, is a group of Unicode characters that turn regular text into fancy text that looks ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ.  Unicode is a way that computers render character codes so that you can see non-English characters, like Chinese, on your computer. However, there are Unicode characters that just look cool. Small text is one of those and our tool makes it easy to convert your text into small text. The great thing about Unicode characters is that they can be copy and pasted to social media while retaining their style unlike text in word processors!

Just enter text on the left, click “Copy,” and send to your friends on social media or by text (yes, it even works with SMS)!

To use our tool, just enter your text under “Input” and see the result under “Output.” You have the following options:

  • Small Text: Create text that looks ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ.
  • Small Caps Text: Create tiny text in ᴬᴸᴸ ᶜᴬᴾˢ.
  • Bubble Text: Create text that is ⓒⓘⓡⓒⓛⓔⓓ.
  • Upside Down Text: Generate text that is spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn.
  • Bold Text: Bold your text so that it is bolded.
  • Backwards Text: Create words that are ꙅbᴙAwkↄAd.
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